Cheryl Dalton



I am a licensed Registered Nurse and retired Family Nurse Practitioner. In my retirement, I discovered the power and wonder of writing life stories using Dr. James E. Birren's program for Guided Autobiography.

My life's work and passion have been to elicit and listen to the heart and soul stories of others. Resilience is a key attribute I love to uncover in others' lives. I believe there is power and healing in our life stories.


I am also a family historian. I have researched and written stories of my ancestors for the past twenty-five years. This quest began in graduate school, where I was assigned to create a three-generational family tree (genogram). I found that I could not get past the first branch. My parents were deceased and had never shared stories of their pasts. This started my journey into family genealogical research. I have discovered the fantastic stories of my grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents. I have included their stories, historical photographs, and documents in the book A Woven Tapestry: The Steinke-Cychol Legacy. I tell creative narrative stories of their lives at family gatherings.


Storytelling has been my passion throughout my professional career. I am excited to have discovered Guided Autobiography to continue my passion, helping others realize the unique power their stories hold for their loved ones.




Doctor of Nursing Practice- Case Western Reserve University 2006
Master’s of Science in Nursing- Old Dominion University 1995
Certified Nurse Educator- 2020
Diploma in Global and Public Health INMED 2018
Certified Guided Autobiography 2022