The program consists of 10 weekly sessions, each lasting two hours. Each session begins with activities designed to stimulate creativity and reflections on life themes. Weekly assignments include writing two pages about the selected theme. The themes are common to everyone but unique to each individual. You will read your story weekly with your small group and receive positive, supportive feedback. 


Guided autobiography writing was developed by renowned gerontologist Dr. James E. Birren forty years ago. His method has a firm foundation of research, theory, and practice. Participants have reported that some of the benefits of writing and sharing their life stories include the following:


  • Increased self-esteem and a greater sense of personal power and significance

  • Facilitates personal growth and aids in life transitions (for example, from career to retirement)

  • Provides insights for increased self-understanding

  • Power of story for healing past resentments and enhancing reconciliation

  • Creation of a supportive community of friends


Guided Autobiography writing is for anyone who wants to write their life stories. Older people use life storytelling to make sense of their past, and younger people use life storytelling to gain insight into the present. Young and old use guided autobiography to provide direction for their future. 


Writing your life story, one short story at a time can open up your creative ability to weave together the tapestry of your life.