Legacy Letter Writing: a legacy letter is a simple but profound letter that conveys your greatest treasures- your faith, life lessons, and values. A legacy letter can be a heartfelt gift for 

loved ones, friends, or colleagues. The Introduction to Legacy Letter Writing Workshop consists of a 30-minute free orientation and then a scheduled two-hour writing workshop.


Legacy Life Story Workshop Life Story workshops offer in-person and online options. You'll be part of a small group of about 6 participants, meeting weekly for two hours for five-week sessions. Each session includes exercises and themes to guide you in crafting two-page life stories to share with the group weekly.


Creative encouragement Each session includes activities stimulating creativity and stirring memories.


Individual Legacy Writing: Experience personal legacy coaching with one-on-one audio recordings and transcription into written narratives. Your stories and photographs are compiled into a beautiful legacy book to share with family and friends.




  • Preserving memories and life lessons
  • Emotional catharsis: a sense of closure and emotional release
  • Creates connections with others
  • Leave a legacy, ensuring your values, beliefs, and experiences continue to impact others.
  • Healing and empowerment
  • Passing down family traditions and customs
  • Honoring loved ones who have been significant in your life
  • Celebrating accomplishments